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CallOnClick.com Plans (In US Dollars)
$9.99/month ($10 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
$14.99/month ($16 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
$24.99/month ($27 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
$49.99/month ($54 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
$74.99/month ($80 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
$99.99/month ($110 Credits, No Setup Fee + Credit Rollover)
Pricing Plan Notes
  • Two good plans to start with are the $9.99 or $14.99 plans. They offer 150+ and 250+ minutes of talk time each month, for calls within the United States and Canada!
  • All call plans are month-to-month with no setup fees.
  • Credits roll over. Each month's new credits are added to the prior month's unused credits, for up to 12 months of credits.
  • Additional credits can be purchased on the fly, as needed.
  • Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
How Our Click to Call Pricing Works

When your website visitor initiates a call, CallOnClick.com will ring both you and the visitor, then bridge the lines. Your account will be debited after the per minute charges are added together for both telecommunication networks. In some cases, there is a distinction between the type of phone, in addition to the network (such as a cell phone, or a landline). For more information, please refer to the Per Minute Rates drop-down box below.

Per minute rates of all 200+ countries and territories:
Here are two examples, to help you understand CallOnClick.com's debiting system:
  1. The cost per minute for United States fixed (land line) and mobile calls is $ 0.032. If a click to call visitor requested a call on their US mobile phone and you answered on a US land line, your account would be debited $0.32 for a 5 minute call ((0.032 + 0.032) x 5mins). That's right, thirty-two cents!
  2. 2. Now let's say a business is located in Spain and the owner opted for calls to go to his cell phone (on the Telefonica network) at $0.30 per minute. If a visitor initiates a click to call session to his land line in Mexico, his portion would cost $0.087 per minute. That means if they talk for 10 minutes, the amount debited from the Spanish proprietor's account is $3.87 (10*(0.30 + 0.087)). A small price to pay to close a sale, wouldn't you agree?
The best part is:
  • You control which of the 200+ countries and territories you want to do business with.
  • You control when to accept calls, based on your timezone.
  • We have an Application Programming Interface (API). It allows your PHP or ASP developer to initiate calls to any two phone numbers. You could use it to create separate buttons for sales, customer service and any other departments from your site!
Click here to see a live demonstration
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